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We are pleased to announce that we now offer Covid-19 cover within our travel insurance policies.


Why do I need travel insurance for my holiday?

While no one wants to think things may go wrong on holiday, it is worth having a safety net in place should something happen that could potentially leave you out of pocket. That's why it's important to have the best travel insurance for your own specific needs. Our policies now include Covid protection. With recent events we think it’s very important for customers to purchase their travel insurance as soon as they book their holiday.

New Covid Cover

Prior to 3rd August 2020, there was no cover in respect of cancellation or curtailment claims as a result of COVID-19. Our policies now offer cover for customers if they contract COVID-19 and therefore have to cancel their trip.

Our travel insurance policies also cover for cancellation and curtailment if the FCO advises against all or all but essential travel to your destination due to fire, flood, earthquake, storm, riot or civil unrest. Denial of boarding has been included with our platinum policy, this will cover if you are to be denied boarding on the return journey of your trip due to having or being suspected of having an infectious disease (including Covid-19).


What are customers covered for in respect of COVID-19?

  • Cancellation if you or anyone insured on your policy contracts COVID-19 prior to travelling and receives a positive test within 14 days prior to the travel start date.
  • £10,000,000 if customers require emergency medical treatment abroad
  • Repatriation if required
  • Cover for additional travel and accommodation costs if the customer is discharged from hospital but medically unable to return home immediately
  • Costs for one other person to stay with the customer, or to travel to the customer from the UK and accompany them home
  • Travel costs to or from a hospital relating to your admission, discharge or attendance for outpatient treatment
  • Travel costs to and from appointment, or for the collection of medication prescribed for you by the hospital and the cost of additional food and drink
  • Platinum only: cover for additional accommodation and/or return transportation if you are denied boarding your return flight due to having or being suspect


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