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Silversea Cruises boasts a fleet of small cruise ships offering luxury and elegance in the form of six-star cruises and is the master in the art of cruising in luxury and offers all guests exceptional service. 

With fine wines, classic cocktails and fabulous refreshments on board, the Silversea luxury cruise offers the most fascinating lifestyle at sea. The Silversea Cruises fleet offers an incredible level of excellence that is easily equivalent to that of a refined hotel, even if a ship is a little different. Silversea Cruises ships are smaller and more intimate than many of the mainstream vessels and manage to provide a sense of grandeur and luxury while simultaneously supplying a sense of adventure. Think of regular champagne service and incredible expeditions, all in one wonderful cruise.

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As the shore of San Juan disappears, so will your cares as you embark on 10 days of Caribbean luxury. Experience a Nautilus-ride to the Marine Reserve named after Jacques Cousteau and snorkel in the blue Caribbean Sea in St. Kitts before a stroll on the pristine dream that is La Romana’s most beautiful beach. End your voyage with two-full days at sea and return home full of wonderful new stories.
Silver Wind
7th December 2019 - 10 nights

Classic Veranda Suite Normal Price £3700 pp

Althams Price £2649 pp

included in the cruise fare
  • FREE Upgrade to a Classic Veranda Suite
  • Complimentary Economy Class Flights from 11 UK Airports including Manchester & Leeds Bradford
  • Pre cruise stay at the El San Juan hotel in San Juan
  • $300 per suite on board spend
  • Free excursion in each port
  • Transfers (between airport and ship)
  • Spacious suite with Veranda 
  • Butler service in every suite
  • Unlimited Free Wifi

Saturday 8 Dec - San Juan, Puerto Rico  - Departs 8pm
Sitting on the north coast of this lush, tropical island, San Juan is the second settlement founded by European settlers in the Caribbean, and the oldest city under US jurisdiction. The stocky walls and watchtowers here have stood the test of time, repelling notable invaders – such as Sir Francis Drake – and the pirates who historically looted these islands. With massive fortresses, airy plazas and sheer Caribbean beauty, San Juan is a beach-blessed star of these turquoise waters. With more than 500 years of European history, Old San Juan gleams In Puerto Rico’s sunshine, with sugar-almond painted facades and ankle-testing cobbled lanes. Decorative balconies and varnished wooden doors add everyday artistry to streets, dripping with history. Soak up the culture at rum-fuelled parties and salsa dances on this Spanish-culture infused island, or recline into afternoon relaxation sessions on sensational slivers of gleaming sand.

Monday 9 Dec - Gustavia, St Barthelemy | 8am - 4pm
Cherry red roofs, yacht-sprinkled bays and a sophisticated French flavour all add to the gorgeous Caribbean allure of Gustavia. The island's capital rolls around a horseshoe-shaped harbour, where gleaming yachts hover and fancy boutiques, bars and restaurants fizz with life and clinking cutlery. Head up to red and white Gustavia Lighthouse to look down over the revered waters, which attract many a celebrity guest and diving enthusiast to these shores. Christopher Columbus was the first European to discover this volcanic island in 1493, giving it the name St Barthelemy in honour of his younger brother. The island has a unique history as a Swedish colony, following a deal with the French King Louis XVI to exchange the island with Sweden for better trading rights. It was returned to French control in 1878 and is now a French Overseas Collectivity. Learn more of the Swedish legacy at Fort Karl - which sits on a 29-metre-high hill above Shell Beach

Tuesday 10 Dec - Castaries, St Lucia | 9am - 8:30pm
Explore a land of vibrant colour, from the tranquil turquoise water that surrounds it, to the verdant green peaks of its famous soaring volcanic plugs - The Pitons; which give this mesmerising island its form. Waterfalls thunder in the jungled interior, should you successfully drag yourself from St Lucia's gleaming beaches and dive spots - where patchworks of colourful fish dance below the waves. Offering the picturesque island luxury of your wildest dreams, St. Lucia is a cinematic, thrilling Caribbean idyl. Marigot Bay served as the tropical backdrop for 1967’s Doctor Dolittle film, and the island's amiable animal life is never too far away - spot flashes of bright red, as parrots zip between palm trees, before catching sight of dolphins splashing playfully offshore. Vigie beach is a charmed spot to lie back and recline in the sun’s glow, watching as overlapping layers of mesmerising blue hues intertwine

Wednesday 11 Dec - St John's, Antigua | 10am - 7pm
Lush and lively, Antigua is a bedazzling Caribbean destination, gorged with sunshine and crisp white sand beaches. Historic forts, sparkling coastline, and dense rainforest all contribute to Antigua’s land of thrilling natural beauty. With its bright blue to turquoise sea gradients – the beaches are vibrant and plentiful and the island has no shortage to choose from, with a rumoured 365 options. Experience the beauty on horseback, as your ride pounds across the sands, and the wind whips through your hair. Choose to loll in a catamaran offshore, or lie back on a bed of the softest sand to soak it all in. Beach shacks cook up fresh seafood and spicy goat meat curries if you're feeling hungry. St John’s glows in the sunshine, with flamingo pink and baby blue paints boldly coating vivid Georgian buildings

Thursday 12 Dec - Philipsburg, St Maarten | 8am - 6pm
The capital of Dutch St. Maarten stretches about a mile (1½ km) along an isthmus between Great Bay and the Salt Pond and has five parallel streets. Most of the village's dozens of shops and restaurants are on Front Street, narrow and cobblestone, closest to Great Bay. It's generally congested when cruise ships are in port, because of its many duty-free shops and several casinos. Little lanes called steegjes connect Front Street with Back Street, which has fewer shops and considerably less congestion. Along the beach is a ½-mile-long (1-km-long) boardwalk with restaurants and several Wi-Fi hot spots.Wathey Square (pronounced watty) is in the heart of the village. Directly across from the square are the town hall and the courthouse, in a striking white building with cupola. The structure was built in 1793 and has served as the commander's home, a fire station, a jail, and a post office

Friday 13 Dec - Spanish Town, British Virgin Islands | 8am - 2:30pm
Compact, but utterly gorgeous, the third biggest of the British Virgin Isles is one of the region’s most spectacular - and a truly indulgent Caribbean escape to rejuvenate the senses. Sprinkled amid the mansions and private islands of the rich and famous, Virgin Gorda has somehow retained its secluded, castaway paradise atmosphere. Translating as Fat Virgin, the island was given its unusual name by Colombus, who noted the protruding stomach of the island's shape. Visit to dive deep into the island's relaxed essence, and to gorge on endless expanses of idyllic beaches and dreamy coastline. Visit a trademark white sand beach - like the slice of paradise at Savannah Bay - or rise up to the perspective offered from the elevated heights of Gorda Peak. At its southern end, Devil’s Bay National Park provides a haven of relaxation, amid geothermal pools and mounds of scattered boulders

 Saturday 14 Dec - La Romana, Dominican Republic | 9am - 6:30pm
Lazy palm trees, reef-blotched waters and shining white sands tell you that you've arrived on the shores of the Dominican Republic's island paradise. Rolling golf courses unravel along pristine coastline, while caves plunge deep into forest-coated mountains, and fields of sugar cane wave in the sea breeze. With its beaches of unmistakable Caribbean beauty and culture-packed cities, La Romana opens up the Dominican Republic's charms and serves as a fantastic jumping-off point for the rainforest and islands of Cotubanamá National Park. Accessible only by boat, Palmilla, is an isolated and exquisite stretch of white sand beach, which peeks out from the jungle's clutches. Sleek reef sharks patrol the shallow waters of Isla Saona, a stunning island, waiting just offshore.
Sunday 15 Dec & Monday 16 Dec - At Sea 
Days at sea are the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind and catch up with what you’ve been meaning to do. So whether that is going to the gym, visiting the spa, whale watching, catching up on your reading or simply topping up your tan, these blue sea days are the perfect balance to busy days spent exploring shore side.
Tuesday 17 Dec - Fort Lauderdale, Florida | Arrive 8am 
"Miles of sandy beaches, lively outdoor events, and a charming web of waterways help to make Fort Lauderdale a relaxed, vacation capital of Florida. The excitement is palpable, as cruise ships and gleaming yachts gather in the harbour ahead of adventures and luxury journeys across the waves. Soak up the relaxed atmosphere in the canal-laced 'Venice of America,' as you enjoy big label shopping on Las Olas Boulevard - or visit fancy restaurants and bustling art galleries. For a wilder experience, the swampy wetlands of the Everglades sprawl away nearby. Fort Lauderdale Beach is a lively stretch of sand, bordered by palm trees, and sprinkled with crowds enjoying the Sunshine State's generous weather. The charming promenade of red-brick tiles extends right along the beach's length and rumbles with passing rollerbladers and cyclists
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