What is the Best Cruise Type for You?

When booking a cruise holiday, the hardest part can be deciding what kind of cruise you want and what cruise line to book with. There are many experiences to choose from!

Perhaps you’d like to take your family on an incredible world cruise? Sail the River Nile visiting ancient Egyptian temples along the way? Or maybe a romantic weekend cruise with a loved one?

To help you, we have provided some details on a couple of cruise types, so read on and discover the perfect cruise holiday for you.

Ocean Cruises

Cruise ships are often described as floating hotels. From the moment you set sail, you might forget you’re at sea!

On your ocean cruise holiday, you can expect delicious meals, spacious cabins, sports activities and casinos. Depending on your style of cruise, there could be kids’ clubs for the little ones too. These cruise ships will provide everything you need to have a fantastic holiday at sea. Which is why we believe families, couples and solo travellers can all enjoy a cruise.

You won’t need to worry about entertainment on your cruise. Broadway-style musicals, world-famous comedians and electric music acts will fulfil all your entertainment needs, wherever you are in the world. So the fun won’t stop after a day of sightseeing.

Mini Cruises

These cruises usually take place on smaller ships and offer a more intimate experience. Mini cruises can range from a three-night cruise in Budapest on the Danube River and a seven-night touring cruise on the River Nile in Egypt. Perfect for couples and solo travellers that want a little getaway.

If you’re new to cruising, a mini cruise is a perfect way to get your sea legs. You’ll get a taste for the cruise experience at an excellent value price!

Some mini cruises even offer a theme. With a personal favourite being a murder mystery cruise. You can enjoy all the amenities of a cruise ship, while you try to solve a mysterious crime at sea!


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